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Our products catalog is just a sampling of the variety we produce.

Need a custom formulation? Let us create a one-of-a-kind flavor or fragrance for your food or beverage application

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Vanilla Concentrate Kits

Our space and cost-saving vanilla concentrate kit made with high quality vanilla imparts full and rich flavor.

Economical Fruit Filling Mix and Base

Carmi Flavors & Fragrance’s unique fruit filling is a kosher and pectin powder base that is available in a variety of popular flavors.

Soy-based Artisan Style Gelato. Dairy-free.

Soylato® is a delicious, non-dairy Italian-style gelato made with all-natural soy. Unlike other soy products, Soylato® tastes nothing like any frozen soy dessert you’ve ever tried!

Marinades & Sauces

Choose from a list of readily available marinades, grilling sauces or dipping sauces, from seafood to red meat to tropical, or let us provide you with a unique flavor to meet your exact specifications.

Frozen Dessert Mixes and Equipment

Carmi Flavors’ own granita mixes in 23 flavors, as well as our choice for restaurant quality dispensers – the Big Biz, First Class Millenium, and Quickream – by Elmeco.